Tuesday, January 17

Analysing Other Media Films [Lesson]

In today’s lesson we analysed other peoples media films from other years and made notes on them exchanging ideas with the class on what the previous years could have done to make there film better. The films we watched had good storylines but obvious mistakes which they could have prevented, such as costumes that did suit the part the character played. Another problem was the non-diegetic sound, which was really good and fitted most of the situations they used them in. The problem was it was mixed with diegetic sound, this is because when there was a little background of the footage, it came into play over the non-diegetic sound making it pointless that they used the technique. This lesson was really helpful because it helped me see the main places a lot of thing goes wrong, so when I start filming and editing I can try my best to avoid them same errors.  

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