Thursday, December 1

British Film Institute

On Wednesday 30th November my Media class, went on a trip to the BFI (British Film Institute). We learnt lots of techniques we could use in our opening sequences and other students from different schools were there, we were all contributing to one another and asking questions that helped most people there.
We meant a famous actor called Dexter Fletcher and he also gave us good ideas to put in our opening sequence. He was in quite a few films and a very popular TV show called ‘Misfits’ playing one of the main characters ‘Nathan’ dad. Dexter also told us to cover the following points as much as possible: Genre, Narrative, Character, Atmosphere and Setting. They gave us a few details to follow up at the BFI that would help us with our blogs and opening sequences. An example would be “Art of the title”, this is a website with lots of reviews that would help.

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