Friday, December 2

The Big Lebowski Opening Sequence

 The Big Lebowski, Directed by Joel Coen, 1998

In the opening sequence of the Big Lebowski there are numerous shots were the film set in and the director successfully lets the audience know where the film is set by doing multiple many shots of the area which is really good.

After the different shots of are/scenery are done, a clean 24 hour supermarket is shown. It is deserted when not a single person in sight accept from the character Big Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges. He walks down the drinks aisle wearing a dirty bathroom robe and black sunglasses, this gives the audience a thought that he is really poor and doesn’t care what people think of him. He walks down the aisle looking for something in particular, he then see’s it and picks, out a carton of milk. He then goes to the cash out and then writes out a check even though the carton of milk only costs $0.69 this can give the audience an idea that he has no money because he can take the carton of milk and the check might bounce if he does not have any money in his account, and the supermarket won’t be able to do anything later on.

Big Lebowski then goes home and walks into the sight of two men waiting for him, that he doesn’t know one of the men is supposed to be the smart guy that does all the talking and the second guy is the big muscular man that takes orders from the guy his with. Big Lebowski is pushed through the house heading straight into the bathroom and his head is then forced into the toilet while the man are constantly yelling saying where the money Lebowski that he owe their boss?
When the man pulls his head out to give him a chance to talk, Big Lebowski says “No one calls me Lebowski anymore, I’m the dude!” However the men are ignorant and don’t listen and dunk his head into the toilet a few more times before leaving, ending the opening sequence.

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