Monday, December 5

Identity Opening Sequence

The opening sequence of the Identity is unique because it involves a montage of newspapers, criminals, crime scene notes and pictures. From this opening sequence you can tell this a type of police detective investigation movie.

The opening sequence used a lot of camera movements. A few examples of these are the camera pans across the crime notes, just giving enough time for the audience to read them and get a understanding of what the film is about. There is also a lot of the camera technique ‘dutch angle’ used when showing a few images of the crime scene in the opening sequence, tracking from one image to another. In the opening sequence the camera is focused on the investigator the most this shows that the investigator can be one of the main leading characters in the film.
Finally this opening sequence had some good diegetic sound to add to the film’s opening sequence. You could hear thunder in the background, this makes the audience feel as if they are part of the film and can build up suspense.

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